We have so many traditions around Christmas and while we may never know exactly where our favorite holiday traditions actually come from, it’s incredible to see the amazing stories from across the world and the lessons they all impress upon us. For today’s episode I have a story about a Christmas tree and a bonus story on Christmas tree decoration. The first story is about the fir tree who wants to grow up to be a Christmas tree, while not realizing that what’s coming after Christmas is over isn’t very happy for him teaches us to live in the present. An important thought on how to make an informed and environment-friendly choice for buying Christmas trees also comes up.


The second story is the origin of tinsel to decorate the Christmas tree, which not only teaches that our hard work will be rewarded, but also shows us to love all the things in life – big and small. These tales talks about mindfulness, patience, perseverance, and gratitude, that are important not just at Christmas time, but all year round

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