Little Mukra is an Arabic fairytale about an unlikely hero, a dwarf, whose enemy is not a vengeful sorceress or dastardly king, but the widespread big...View Details

Kate Cracketnuts is an English story taken from Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales and the premise is familiar: a king with a beautiful daughter call...View Details

In this Thanksgiving “decolonizing our dinner” story, meet the sustainer of Indigenous cultures for centuries and one of the original examples of rege...View Details

Opossums, awe-Inspiring but often underappreciated, are marsupials with many fascinating attributes and superheroes when it comes to cleaning up aroun...View Details

November is Native American Heritage Month in the US so here is a fascinating Native American story. Crow Brings the Daylight is a folktale of the Inu...View Details

This is a Halloween special and what’s more halloweeny than a witch and a cat. This German story is from A Book of Cats and Creatures, called Katchen ...View Details

Today’s story is from South-East Africa called Moti-katika and the Water Witch. As the title suggests it is a story of Moti-katika and the water witch...View Details

October is spooky season and is the season of witches. This story is from Papua New Guinea, called Tow-how and the Witch. It is a story of Tow-how, hi...View Details

This is a fairy tale that is completely new to me, a Swedish story from the 1988 Ruth Manning-Sanders collection A Cauldron of Witches. It is a story ...View Details

The Donkey Lettuce is a German fairy tale from the 1981 collection A Book of Witches by Ruth Manning-Sanders. It is a story of a hunter who has magica...View Details

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