This week’s fairy tale is a Scottish story about a collective effort of good people to save the princess instead of one person doing it all. This is a...View Details

‘My Lady Sea’ is an ugly piece of folklore that pushes its female characters into an impossible position between a raging psychotic for a father and a...View Details

Mothers in the world of fairy tales are often considered to be an endangered species. This Mother’s Day special is a Scottish story of a mother’s dete...View Details

This Indian fairy tale begins when a ship encounters a storm at sea and promptly disintegrates. All hands on board are lost save for one young sailor,...View Details

This is a story of wronged lovers, a Chinese fairy tale taken from the 1974 reprint of Ruth Manning-Sanders’ A Book of Charms and Changelings. This is...View Details

This is a German story of Mannikin Spanalong and although has elements of curse sorcery, overall it is pretty simple and straightforward which makes i...View Details

Today’s story is a traditional Zulu story about Cheetahs. If you notice it looks like Cheetah’s face has tear marks and this story tells us why. Kwasu...View Details

Rake up is a Danish fairy tale and is a story of a mermaid and her cows. It has elements of xenophobic attitudes, greed, and obviously a happy ending....View Details

Black, Red, and Gold is a Spanish fairy tale, and begins with the very familiar theme of the desperate childless couple and their kindness is rewarded...View Details

Holi is a Hindu festival, also known as the "Festival of Love", the "Festival of Colors", and the "Festival of Spring". The festival celebrates the et...View Details

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