Today’s story is an Icelandic folktale, a story about obsession, even stronger than death, Djákninn á Myrká (The Deacon of Dark River). It is a story of Deacon and his girlfriend, Guðrún. When Deacon dies his obsession and longing to stay together forever with Guðrún makes him harm her, but she escapes and saves herself. The important lesson from the story is that one can get out of a situation or relationship when it turns toxic or harms them.


The theme is extrapolated to domestic violence situation with Rosalba Diaz, Education & Outreach Coordinator at A Safe Place (domestic violence and human trafficking shelter). We talk about what is domestic violence, types, the cycle of violence, signs, intersectionality, and action steps (for ourselves if we are in DV situation or for others if they need help). 

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