Blood wishes, talking mirrors, and poisoned fruit: it’s all here in ‘Snow White’, one of the most enduringly popular and recognizable fairy tales in western literature. Tune in to hear the discussion of the Snow White story and comparison of the narrative and messages of the original story and the Disney’s version. 


The story is based on societal beauty expectations from women and in turn associating vanity with women. Snow White is objectified and kissed without consent. Her only association with physical appearance and household duties perpetuates gender stereotypes. The story also equates fair skinned and beautiful together, which is eurocentric and is a problem now that this standard of beauty is normalized world wide and not everyone conforms to this. In the movie the mirror is the voice of a man, which helps to expand the meaning of the purpose of the mirror, which is to represent patriarchy. This image represents that it is man who creates the beauty standards of women. 

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